Core Technology

  • Laser Texturing

    Our company works on surface texturing using laser technology to provide components with specific functionality and make materials with adequate surface properties. The major application area but not limited as footwear, mold and metallurgy sector, etc. Laser surface texturing (LST) is a surface engineering process used to improve tribological characteristics of materials. Using a laser to create patterned microstructures on the surface of the materials can improve load capacity, wear rates, lubrication lifetime, and reduce friction coefficients.

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  • 3D Printing

    The term "3D printing" covers a number of different technologies by which machines create three-dimensional objects from digital files. In the most common process, the machine places many th

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  • Laser Cleaning

    Laser cleaning technology is to use a high-energy laser beam to eliminate coatings, contaminants, oxides and other production residues safely without using chemicals, abrasives, water or residues that

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  • Laser Cladding

    The laser cladding process is essentially a welding process utilizing an infinitely controllable laser beam as its heat source.This technology allows for complete metallurgical bonding with minimal HA

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